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       面對激烈的市場競爭, 公司秉承“信譽第一、客戶至上、品質優良、精益求精”的宗旨;以科學的管理手段,雄厚的技術力量,精良的生產設備,利用優質原木為原材料進行深加工。嚴格執行GB/T3324-2017,GB/T34441-2017和GB18580的生產標準。
          公司理念: 關注未來,致力環保
          服務宗旨: 誠信立業,優質高效
          管理理念: 以人為本,科技發展

Shenzhen Hai Bo Ya furniture Co., Ltd. is a large-scale, professional production of high-end solid wood quality more than 20 years of civilian furniture manufacturing enterprises, is a product design, research and development, production and sales of professional manufacturers. The variety of the products covers living room, dining room, bedroom, study, children's series and so on.
In the face of fierce market competition, the company adheres to the purpose of "reputation first, customer first, quality and excellence". We should use scientific management tools, strong technical strength, excellent production facilities, and use high quality logs as raw materials for further processing. Strictly implement the production standards of GB18583-2008, GB18584-2001 and GB/T3324-2008.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of good faith service, and adheres to the enterprise tenet of honesty and credibility.
The company's brand - Nordic cottage design patents and technology as a whole, elegant style, unique, simple fashion highlight the characteristics of products, to create the perfect natural, environmentally friendly and healthy wood series.
Company concept: focus on the future, work on environmental protection
Service tenet: integrity, high quality and high efficiency
Management concept: people-oriented, scientific and Technological Development
Heboja furniture is willing to sincerely cooperate with every new and old customers to join hands in creating a better tomorrow, keep pace with the times, welcome you to join us!
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